Saturday, December 21, 2013

Multiple Miscarriages - There is Hope After Suffering Multiple Miscarriages

Although dealing with multiple miscarriages can be devastating for some women, there is hope. Modern medicine does not know everything. We now have access to many different methods of helping or eliminating the growing problem of multiple miscarriages.

Miscarriages can be caused by any number of things, but the most common is a chromosomal abnormality. In fact, nearly 70% of miscarriages are caused by this and 95% of fertilized eggs or embryos with genetic problems are rejected before the mother is even aware of being pregnant. It is natures' way of making sure only the fittest survive.

The second most common reason for miscarriage is hormonal imbalances or abnormalities. This is usually solved by prescribing drugs to regulate hormones in the mother. Other reasons are, illness of the mother, abnormalities of the uterus or cervix, immune system disorders or bacterial vaginosis. There are also pre-existing conditions that cause miscarriages, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney or heart problems. It is important to get a pre-conception appointment to help avoid some of these common causes.

However, many women suffering multiple miscarriages are just told that there is no answer. At least not one that does not include expensive surgeries, drugs with side effects or, in general painful and time-consuming procedures. That is, if you have insurance! If you do not, then your options are extremely limited. What if there were a way to significantly improve your chances of solving your problem with multiple miscarriages? Would it be worth your time and effort? Most women would say yes.

Having dealt with a miscarriage and being in the high risk category or pregnancy, I searched for something or someone that would help improve my chances of carrying to full term. Thankfully, due to the sharing of information on the internet, we now have access to many different methods of treating and even eliminating some infertility issues, including the problem of multiple miscarriages.

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