Sunday, December 15, 2013

Supplements Can Help You Get Pregnant With a Boy

Supplements, which are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients you take, can help you get pregnant with a boy. The number of recommendations and options out there is truly overwhelming. I've written up this brief overview of some of the best supplements for you to consider. Remember to take care and do your own research whenever you decide to use a dietary supplement.

Supplements can influence your mineral levels and body pH. They can also provide a lot of nutrition.

The first supplement to consider is a multivitamin. Everyone trying for a boy should take a multivitamin/multimineral combo. A prenatal vitamin is ideal.

Take folate, which is the precursor for folic acid. That's what folic acid is supposed to turn into. Some people have trouble making that transition inside their bodies. Take folate rather than folic acid because folic acid might not turn into the folate in your body. Every woman trying to conceive should take folate (take folic acid if you absolutely cannot get folate).

Another vitamin that all women trying to conceive should probably want to take is B6. B6 can help increase the absorption of folate (which is actually another B vitamin). Folate and B6 can work together. B6 can also help with morning sickness.

As an aside, morning sickness really doesn't give you any indication on if you're having a boy or a girl. People pregnant with girls have morning sickness. People pregnant with boys have morning sickness. And people have boys have no morning sickness. People pregnant with girls have no morning sickness. It seems to depend on you more than the gender of your baby. This means it's just proactive to take folate and B6. The B6 helps the folate, both of those things help the baby, and it can also help the morning sickness in the 1st trimester.

It was traditionally thought that B vitamins would increase your chances of getting a girl, so moms wanting boys avoided B-vitamins with the exception of folate and B6. Research now indicates that higher levels of any nutrients seem to increase the chances of getting a boy. Some moms still don't feel comfortable with more B-vitamins than in the prenatal and B6/folate, and that's okay. If you've struggled with prenatal or postpartum depression in the past, though, you may want to take a B-complex.

Fish oil, such as a high quality salmon oil, gives you lots of Omega-3 fatty acids. This boosts your overall nutrition greatly because it helps you absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Cod liver oil is also a good choice. A lot of women are scared of cod liver oil because it's been villainized, but scientific studies actually show that cod liver oil and vitamin A (which is what was villainized in cod liver oil), is actually very healthy for your baby preconception, during pregnancy, while you're breastfeeding. It's really healthy and the vitamin A is very important for sex hormone production.

Fish oil, cod liver oil -- those are things to help you get the essential fatty acids that you need and absorb your nutrients more.

Blessed thistle is an herb to consider. It's really high in potassium and sodium. Those two minerals are strongly associated with boy conceptions, so blessed thistle is a good one to consider in your tea. Red raspberry leaf tea is a fertility and pregnancy tonic. Consider a tea with both of these herbs.

Royal jelly or bee pollen is thought to be an overall fertility enhancer and boost chances of a boy. You should not take it if you have bee allergies.

Maca is another promising supplement. It's actually a food. It's a food, but you take it in a supplement powdered form. It boosts fertility, and can increase chances of a boy.

Finally, consider adding gelatin into your diet. You can add it to soups, sauces, stews, etc. Gelatin boosts testosterone production and has a lot of protein, both things that favor a boy.

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