Saturday, December 21, 2013

Taking Care During Pregnancy

Motherhood brings in lot of responsibilities towards yourself and the unborn. Your responsibilities start from the day you get pregnant. The article congregates few tips for taking special care during this special period of your life:

  • Regular exercise, even walk during pregnancy can benefit a pregnant woman. The discomfort and fatigue can be combated. If you do a permissible amount exercise during pregnancy, the labor is much easier and recovery is faster too.

  • Don't keep your stomach empty. Keep some crackers with you and eat some of it as you wake up. This will take over morning sickness.

  • Take a shower with warm water during labor to relax your body.

  • Eat several small meals each day but avoid rich, spicy, acidic and fried foods. They may cause heartburn.

  • Drink lots of liquids to prevent dehydration during labor. Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water each day but special care should be taken in summer pregnancy.

  • When a woman is going through labor pain, gently rubbing the back will relax her and feel good to making contractions more effective.

  • Not many times have it been taken care of. Don't ever change a cat's litter box when pregnant as it can contain toxoplasmosis that can cause birth defects.

  • Walking in between contractions facilitate easy labor.

  • Regular popping a prenatal multi-vitamin supplement along with dinner checks nausea.

  • Pregnancy makes you more sensitive to odors, strong fragrances and sudden motion, etc.

  • The body needs to be more relaxed during pregnancy so take enough rest! You feel sleepy and drowsy all the time. If you are working, short naps of few minutes or half an hour during the day at regular interval help you fight fatigue.

  • Diet is very important this time. Mother should take a healthy diet for she is also providing nutrition to the unborn.

  • It is important that the women must be active throughout their pregnancy, so that she can soon regain muscle tone and lose weight after childbirth.

  • Laying on left side, drinking lots of water and reduced intake of salt will avoid high blood pressure during pregnancy.

  • Usually the pregnant women's feet and legs swells. So walk often and sit with your feet up supporting them on a stool.

  • Cramps in feet are common problem so to reduce cramping place pillows under your knees and feet while you are sleeping.

  • Wearing seat belts while driving or traveling by car is must. Care should be taken while wearing it. The bottom strap of belt should be worn across your hips instead of your abdomen.

  • Add an additional 300 calories to your food when you are pregnant, or even more while exercising.

  • Getting pregnant does not end up your sex life.....though your sexual desire may reduce. Until and unless your doctor does not cautious about any risk in pregnancy, you can enjoy your sex life.

  • Always take utmost care before taking any medication or medicine. Consult and check with your gynecologist if they are safe for you.

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