Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Considering Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Whether she's always gone to a chiropractor or she's contemplating going for the first time, a woman who is expecting has special concerns about whether a chiropractic adjustment is safe for her baby; after all they are dealing with her back and spine, the main mechanism that is supporting her and her baby during the time that the most stress is being put on her body. She probably also has questions about whether there are any specific benefits or risks in pregnancy. The good news is that all chiropractors receive training specific to caring for pregnant patients, learning techniques that avoid putting too much pressure on the belly; many have taken additional courses in fertility, prenatal and postnatal care. Some chiropractors even have special treatment tables that provide extra room and support for the pregnant belly. Seeking chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is one of the most beneficial steps a woman can take to ensure a comfortable pregnancy and easier delivery.

There are many reasons why having chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is a great idea. Spinal manipulation can increase overall wellness for everybody, but a pregnant patient has special needs and concerns, as pregnancy makes tremendous demands on the spine and the growing baby puts new stress on bones and joints. Chiropractors can resolve nausea, help improve posture (which makes carrying the extra weight up front easier), relieve joint and back pain, and can even reduce the amount of time spent in labor and delivery, as a misalignment reduces the chances of the baby being in the right position for birth, making a caesarian section a real possibility. Not only can regular manipulations increase the chance of a natural birth, there is even a special manipulation called the Webster Technique that can only be done by a chiropractor to prevent and right a breech or posterior birth.

Whether under the care of an obstetrician or any other health care provider, pregnant women will find that most pregnancy professionals encourage the use of chiropractors. Chiropractors help their patients overall wellness, often eliminating undue stress. Chiropractic manipulation treatments are able to relieve much of the pain and lack of balance that the growing uterus has put on her joints and spine, and a specially trained chiropractor may be able to offer specific stretching exercises for use between treatments, and adjustments designed to help problems of sleeplessness, which is a fairly common problem in pregnancy.

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