Friday, May 31, 2013

Notes on Fish Oil Dosage on Pregnancy

When pregnant, a woman has to be keen enough and be watchful on all foods, beverages, medicines, and others that she will take in. Anything that you ingest should surely affect not only your health as the mother but as well as your unborn child inside your womb. You don't want your child to be born having impaired abilities physically and cognitively, as well as the possibilities of acquiring certain diseases. No mother would want that to happen to her child.

As a mother, you should follow a balanced diet program and should observe a healthy lifestyle for your baby. Amongst the many essential nutrients needed for a pregnant mother to stay healthy as well as her child, omega 3 fatty acid plays a significant role in promoting good health during pregnancy. In fact, many researches conducted have shown that it has positive roles and effects on the child when taken properly by the mother. Recommended fish oil dosage on pregnancy is necessary.

The most recent research has been reported that adequate omega 3 fatty acid dosage on pregnancy initiated the increase of birth weight, boosted coordination, reduced the risk of diabetes, and promoted a growth surge in the brain at first three months of pregnancy.

Through an adequate intake of fish oil by the mother, surely the human infant will live healthy and develop better. It is known that a child needs ample amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for proper growth and development. Fish oil contains these fatty acids needed that are very beneficial in the child's growing brain, for his or her cardiovascular health, development of retina, and all others.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that a pregnant mother should utilize 12 ounces of fish oil per week. This recommended dosage on pregnancy will surely help the mother to less likely experience the postpartum depression, which mothers don't really want to experience after bearing her child. The dosage could as well depend on the advice of the health care provider. It could be more or less than the recommended intake of the FDA and you should strictly follow what your doctor tells you. You should be aware that consuming a high level of omega 3 fatty acid whether or not during pregnancy could harm anyone. Too much of a something is indeed harmful as what a famous cliche says.

Therefore, if you want to be successful as a mother and to have a healthy baby, the secret is to take the right quantity of omega 3 fatty acid throughout your pregnancy. You should also consult your most trusted physician and talk to him about the diet you are in.

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