Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fetal Doppler - The Must-Have For a Caring Mother

The fetal Doppler is mainly used for monitoring fetal heart rate, and it is offered by general maternity hospitals, while these fetal equipments adopt Doppler ultrasound technology, which is also known as the fetal Doppler.

The aim for fetal heart monitoring is to audit whether the fetal quickened abnormally, and then make the appropriate adjustments according to fetal position.

The supervision time for fetal Doppler is generally the 28th weeks after gestation, while the subjects are pregnant women with abnormal and normal fetal movement.

The heart Doppler monitors the sympathetic and parasympathetic regulation of fetal and describes the curve formed by instantaneous fetal heart tracings, and you can understand the response of fetal heart with fetal movement during contractions to infer whether the intrauterine fetal is anoxic or not. The Doppler technique can monitor your baby at all time by listening to fetal heart tones, therefore, your baby can grow up healthily.

Moreover, there is a player inside it, and you can download suitable music and stories for prenatal care depending on different periods of pregnancy. And it can also serve as the story machine after the baby is born!

The heartbeat Doppler can link to your home recorder or computer to record fetal heart sounds as a permanent memory. A few months before baby born, recording mothers' heartbeat can play a very good role for babies. What is more, the special microphone for prenatal care allows the baby to hear the voice of parents more clearly, while the father can also involve in the prenatal care to make your baby smarter!

The heart Doppler adopts the ergonomic design, which is consistent with the curve of pregnant women. The monitor applies the principle of ultrasound Doppler, so you can carry out fetal heart monitoring at home continuously with high sensitivity, high - quality, and it is durable, simple, economical and easy to use, which is an article of very good home medical equipment. It is the only one which can be used at home for pregnant women, and it can be operated by single hand to listen to fetal heart by professional speaker with the whole family and enjoy the fun brought by future baby!

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