Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is There a Cure For Stretch Marks? No 1 Alternative to Stretch Mark Cover Up Revealed

Are you worried about stretch mark scars?  Of course you are.  This is very common among both men and women and I know you are anxious to avoid getting scars, or if you already have them, to get rid of your stretch marks.

One of the main causes of stretch marks in women is pregnancy.  Another factor in both men and women is rapid weight gain brought on by any given number of factors.

One of the causes of sudden changes in weight during formative teenage years is production of hormones during puberty. Body builders or athletes can find that stretch marks will develop if their muscles grow more rapidly than normally would occur.  Many assume that this particular type of scar is only found in women who have given birth, but the bodily changes that cause the skin to stretch abnormally and create this condition affects both males and females,

Seventy five to eight five percent of postpartum women will experience these unsightly scars for a period of time. The marks brought about by this skin stretching and hormonal change are not dangerous and with the exception of being unsightly and causing some new mothers to experience embarrassment, are not a cause for concern

You can avoid having to deal with this condition if you are proactive during your pregnancy and conscientiously act to give your body what it needs in your diet.  As your unborn child grows inside you, it will consume nutrients that need to be replenished.  Concentrate on making sure that your diet contains lots of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables - all of these are rich in Vitamin E.  If your diet lacks these valuable fruits and vegetables, a Vitamin E supplement should be considered.

If you are able to keep up with proper nutrition, massage and exfoliation, your skin should stay soft and supple and you can prevent these ugly scars from forming in the first place.  This is especially true during and after the second trimester of your pregnancy.

There are various treatments to get rid of them but once the marks start darkening it becomes more difficult to remove them.

There are many natural remedies and homemade scar removal solutions for Stretch Marks, the most effective products for removing these scars can often be found right in your own home.

I have discovered that stretch mark scars are completely treatable.  Almost any scar, no matter how or when you got it, can be faded or completely eliminated.

The question that is on your mind is how can you know what works, and how can you afford the scar treatment?  You can start by finding a resource that explains scar removal solutions that really work.  Scar treatments that are natural, safe and that will not cost you thousands of dollars.

This solution really works!  But you must want to put into action what you learn.

Maybe you were not fortunate enough to find out how to prevent stretch marks and now you are desperate to get rid of your scars.  This will only work if you are ready to take action and follow through. Don't use your scars as an excuse to not interact with people.

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