Saturday, June 8, 2013

Psychosis - 5 Triggers That Can Cause a Psychotic Disorder and How to Prevent Them

People, who are in danger to develop a psychotic disorder or what is also called Psychosis, should avoid from getting close to danger situations that can cause it. Here are 5 situations that can cause a Psychosis Disorder:

1) War

This is the No. 1 stress maker. If you are in a war zone, try to get out of it as fast as you can or to go to a calmer area. A war and its sites can cause psychosis to people who are mentally sensitive, or went through psychosis in their past.

2) Rape

One of the most significant situations that can cause people a psychotic disorder is obtaining sexual relationships without approval of both sides. There many cases of psychosis that are being reported after such relationships.

3) Stress

A large quantity of stress in a given time period, can cause people a psychotic disorder. It is then be wise to try to be calm as much as you can.

4) Divorce or separations

A very stressful situation can be a divorce or a separation from your loved one. It can also trigger a psychotic disorder in some of the cases.

5) Death

A death of a loved one or even "just" a friend or someone you care for, can obviously cause a psychotic disorder if you are in a risk group.

In order to prevent those triggers from causing a psychotic disorder, one should turn to receive a treatment as early and close as possible to the incidents described previously. If someone shows signs of any delusions or paranoia, he should turn to get treatment without any further delay.

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