Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tooth Changes While Pregnant

With all of the other changes pregnant women experience, tooth problems can often get overlooked. The dental care pregnant women receive is very important. Tooth problems can affect a woman's overall pregnancy experience, if not handled properly. Not all pregnant women experience tooth problems, but many do. Some common tooth problems, range from the area of sensitivity, to gum bleeding. Just as it is important to note any serious changes during pregnancy, you should pay attention to your dental care.

Many people face tooth problems daily. In fact, tooth sensitivity, is one of the most common tooth problems. This can be especially uncomfortable when you're pregnant. Many conditions pregnant women suffered before conceiving become even more difficult once they are pregnant. Dealing with sensitive teeth can be one of these conditions.

There are a few easy tips to dealing with sensitive teeth. Fortunately the various tooth care products on the market today make the process much simpler. One of the first things you may need to do is replace your tooth brush. Having a tooth brush that is too hard or abrasive, on sensitive teeth, can make matters worse.

Some pregnant women will only be able to use soft bristle tooth brushes throughout their pregnancy. There are also tooth pastes that are specially formulated for sensitive teeth. Using these two products can instantly provide relief for this problem. This and other teeth issues should be addressed with your dentist.

The condition of having sensitive teeth should not be ignored. It is usually difficult to eat when sensitivity issues are extreme. This can pose a problem to both the mother's and child's health. Another serious tooth issue, is when you're experiencing gum bleeding. Bleeding gums, is caused by excessive hormones.

If the hormone, progesterone exists in high levels, in a pregnant woman's body, bleeding gums can result. If this does occur, it is important that you consult your doctor. Talking to both your doctor and dentist, can help you find the right remedy for your specific condition. In most cases, antibiotics can be taken to relieve symptoms.

There are also ways to prevent problems with your teeth during pregnancy. One way is by brushing at least twice daily. Remember to use the right type of tooth brush. Brushing rids your teeth of harmful bacteria that can make matters worse, if not cleaned from the teeth. Flossing is also important.

For pregnant women who are experiencing bleeding gums, they should floss, carefully, so as not to further damage their gums. It is also important to receive regular dental care during pregnancy. Having your teeth professionally cleaned is a way of preventing future problems with your teeth, especially while you are pregnant. Your diet is also a very important component to proper dental health. Eating foods that strengthen your teeth, like those high in calcium, are a good way to make your teeth healthier for the long term.

Pregnant women can experience a number of problems where their teeth are concerned. However, each can be handled effectively, if symptoms are addressed as they arise.

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