Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reasons Dads Are Important

Some people seem to think that a Dad only becomes important when his son needs taking to football practice or his daughter needs a lift to ballet lessons. However, there are hundreds of published research papers that prove beyond any doubt that Dad is indispensable. A summary of the major benefits arising for a child brought up with Dad as well as mum are listed below;

Dads matter because....

1. Children raised with their dads have better social skills when at nursery age and will do better at examinations when they are sixteen. (Dads tend to talk and interact with babies in a more "grown up" way, than mums do.)

2. Being a good dad helps keep your child mentally stable. A close father-child relationship is a good predictor of good long-term mental health.

3. Children brought up in a happy two parent family environment have higher self esteem and form better relationships themselves.

4. Being a good Dad means that when your baby grows up they are more likely to be a good parent themselves.

5. Good fathering means your son will be less likely to get a criminal record.

6. Successful professional women all tend to have at least one thing in common, fathers who respect and encourage them

You are Important to your partner too.

If you help with your baby from the start breastfeeding is more successful and she is less likely to suffer with postnatal depression.

Generally, as you would expect two parents are more able to spread the workload and create a well balanced family environment.

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