Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sleep During Pregnancy - Advice to Help Pregnant Women to Sleep Better

As a pregnant woman I am sure that you have received more advice than you can even remember. Some good, some bad, but if you are having difficulty getting quality sleep during pregnancy please listen to what I have to say.I promise that if you give me a couple minutes of your time I can help you to catch those elusive ZZZ's during pregnancy.

Let me first say that I do know what I am talking about. I am the mother of two beautiful children but let me tell you one of the biggest challenges for me when I was pregnant was getting a good night's sleep.

It started during my first pregnancy when I was pregnant with my son. Other than having to get up to pee more often I slept fine during the first couple months of my pregnancy. But as the months progressed I found it more and more difficult to sleep.

I just could not find a comfortable position to get into. I am a natural back sleeper but found it too uncomfortable to sleep in that position. I would get up the morning tired, cranky, sore, and frustrated from another uncomfortable night of sleep.

I hit the Internet and started doing some research. I found that sleep during pregnancy is a challenge for a lot of expectant mothers; I felt a little better knowing I was not alone. I learned that doctor's, for many health benefit reasons, recommend women sleep on their left side when pregnant. I also discovered that many expectant mothers recommended maternity pillows to help get a comfortable night of sleep.

Now I had tried using pillows to help me get comfortable to no avail. But as I looked more into maternity pillows I discovered that they were full body pillows specially designed to offer support and comfort to pregnant women. I found more and more positive reviews of maternity pillows and women who swore by them as the best thing they had found.

I consider myself to be fairly frugal but this was one indulgence I was going to allow myself. I needed my sleep and if a maternity pillow was going to help then, by golly, I was going to get one. So I found the highest rated one and placed my order.

What a sweet relief! I went to bed that night with my big comfy maternity pillow and slept like a baby for the first time in weeks. It was just like I had read; it offered me support and comfort tin all the needed places and helped to keep me in the side sleeping position that doctors recommend. My sleeping problems have been solved! I used it for the rest of my pregnancy with my son and pulled it out of the closet and used it when I was pregnant with my daughter.

So, if you are having difficulty with sleep during pregnancy please take my advice and get a maternity pillow. You will not regret it. My pillow was my best friend when I was pregnant. Any expectant mother who cannot sleep well should definitely invest in one of these wonderful pillows.

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