Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Special Workflow Integration of OB/GYN EMR

Quick and easy use of an electronic system for Ob/Gynecology specialty helps the practice deal better with related complications and concerns. However, it is also necessary to keep the patient in mind while developing a system to improve the quality of care delivered. With custom notes, antepartum record and specific pregnancy templates, Ob/Gyn application provides an all-inclusive work flow for gynecological visits, post-partum care.

Medical specialties Obstetrics and Gynecology deal with specific needs of a women's health. An EMR specializing in this field helps the respective practice to improve the standard of care as well as revenue. Ob/Gynecology EMR with integrated practice management facilitates better management of appointments, accurate billing and extensive charting with specific Ob/Gyn templates. Capturing pregnancy and non-pregnancy details along with medications, vitals, any chronic conditions, etc. helps the practice to provide enhanced in-time patient care.

OB/Gyn EMR is so designed with these variations in focus and to provide the physicians an easy and comfortable way of documentation for the patient. Typically the OB flow in the EMR follows the ACOG recommendations.

With easy to use functionality, a care EMR comprises of the following feature list to better manage OB-Gynecology spheres:



a. CC/HPI (OB/Gyn)

b. ROS (OB/Gyn)

c. Physical examination (OB/Gyn)

d. Health maintenance (OB/Gyn)

e. Immunization (OB/Gyn)

f. Vitals

g. Procedures template (OB/Gyn)

h. Ante partum record (OB)

i. Gestation calculator (OB)

j. Treatment protocols including the labs and imaging services (OB/Gyn)

k. Notes (SOAP format)

l. Work flow configuration


a. Super bill configuration (OB/Gyn)

b. Claim generation

c. Electronic claim submission

d. Payment posting (manual and automatic)

e. Rebilling


The system also has a streamlined workflow management, E and M coder, Lab interface, HL7 interfaces and patient portal. Standard documentation process is charted for new OB visit and follow-up OB Visit along with ante partum record. The highlight of the application is its workflow. The below reasons out as to why the system is preferable:

• Work flow is not restricted to the physician alone but also extends its use to the nurses and assistants of the practice as well

• Two unique work flows are designed and kept separate, one for the Obstetrics and another for the Gynecology. This helps provide specific as well as quick navigation

• OB flow in the EMR follows the ACOG recommendations

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