Monday, October 21, 2013

Belly Bands for Pregnancy Support

Belly bands for pregnancy are garments made of elastic materials that conform comfortably to the pregnant woman's ever-expanding tummy. A Belly band itself is a wide, stretchy strip of flexible fabric that loops around a woman's mid-section. It gently pushes the belly upward and inward, comfortably creating a supportive form of shape wear for the pregnant woman.

In addition to tummy control, it relieves back pressure via belly lift, shifting the woman's uneven weight distribution in a way that assists posture and balance. Belly bands are seamless and boneless, and therefore can be worn under clothing, helping to create smooth lines. They exert very little pressure, so there will be no pinching of the skin.

Pregnancy bands are typically made from elastic fiber blends such as Lycra/nylon or spandex/cotton - and serve to provide light, comfy control. They are often purchased in basic, neutral colors such as black, white, beige, and muted brown and pinks. For this reason, they can easily be coordinated with other pieces. Pregnancy bands can often be found in more vibrant color and patterns, as they can serve as outerwear (belts) for pre-pregnancy outfits.

Many women find that pregnancy bands are also useful after childbirth. The bands are often worn to cinch maternity wear that has now become too large. They can also be used as tube-like tops, worn beneath other blouses to provide extra support and coverage for the nursing mother. And due to the durability of the material, well-cared for pieces can be worn throughout multiple pregnancies, or handed down to other family members. These pieces do not get stretched out and always retain their shape; therefore, women of all different phases of pregnancy are likely to find a use for them.

Over the last few years, pregnancy bands have become more and more popular. Bands and other pieces can easily be found through a search engine at online vendors all over the web. Additionally, they can be purchased at many department stores in the intimates or maternity section.

For the particularly cash-strapped woman, it is worthwhile to check thrift shops and second stores, as some women choose to donate their belly bands pregnancy pieces after they have outlived their own personal usefulness.

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