Thursday, October 24, 2013

Planned Pregnancy - Good For You And Your Baby

Health care practitioners are a good medium to consult and find answers to your pregnancy related queries and inquiries. Every parent desires to have a healthy baby. It helps to consult someone you trust. It could be a consultant, your mother, your close relative or books, if you have the habit of reading. A planned pregnancy keeps you satisfied at every stage of pregnancy and you are well prepared to handle the situations as they arise. How to slip into pregnancy quickly, what are the good foods to eat, what is the best age for pregnancy, what vaccinations are essential, what vitamins and minerals are essential, should you consult a pregnancy planning calendar, what foods or substances are harmful for your pregnancy, all these questions and more usually haunt all going-to- be parents. Planning pregnancy helps to avert situations, which make you anxious and create anxiety.

Keeping A Step Ahead

Once you have a planned pregnancy you can find solutions for all problems that you envisage. As parents, you have taken a decision to bring another human being into life. Now it is your duty to see that you give the best of everything to your bundle of joy, and at the same time make sure that you do not lose any comfort for lack of planning. Conception planning helps you to understand the importance of remaining fit and healthy from the time you take the decision to become a parent. Which means regular exercise and morning and evening walks, good nourishing food throughout the day, a little meditation, watching TV and listening to music to remain stress free and keeping the environment in which you live neat and clean. If you accomplish all this and keep a working hand to take care of your daily chores getting pregnant or planning your second pregnancy would be a piece of cake.

Physical Fitness Is Essential

It is important to keep a check on your body mass index. A healthy body with ideal weight has a better chance of getting pregnant. In this context, if you know about ovulation and your best time to get pregnant you can greatly improve your chances for pregnancy. A planned pregnancy can help you to understand your ovulation period, which starts from the 14th day of your menstruation. Besides these you can also have many herbs and medicines to boost fertility in males and females, if you have any complications, in getting pregnant or your pregnancy is taking time even after taking due precautions.

Never undermine the importance of money matters even if you have a good source of income. Quick borrowing of money on important matters like the hospital bills, clothes for the baby, creams, gels, powders, crib, pram, painting and white washing, the piling list of grocery and medical items, travel and communication bills etc can make a big hole in the pocket. Therefore, a planned pregnancy can really be helpful in creating a pool of money, which can be used when your health insurance and other sources seem to run out of steam. If you are a person of limited means then you should start saving today and cut down on your expenses and save some money for the rainy day. Usually, you stop getting payment from office six weeks after delivery; you should be ready to foot the bills after that. A planned pregnancy is like a friend who lends you help when you need it the most.

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