Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pregnancy Bed Rest - Who Will Pay the Bills?

You can protect your income in case pregnancy bed rest causes you to miss extra work. You rely on your income to pay a variety of bills, and may be struggling with how to cover your lost income during maternity leave. Then all of a sudden your doctor tells you to stop working and go on bed rest.

The income stops for longer than expected, but the bills keep coming in - only faster now that you have extra medical bills. Short term disability insurance can protect your income during an unplanned disability leave prior to your delivery in addition to creating maternity leave pay.

Twenty five percent of pregnancies result in one or more complications. Your doctor may order you to take leave from work for bed rest to protect your health, and the viability of your newborn. If your complications require intense medical care you may be hospitalized as well. For many women this means a significant loss of income.

Plus, there may be left over medical bills for extra doctor visits, hospital deductibles, co pays, or co-insurance. Then all the regular bills keep coming in: mortgage, car payment, utilities, etc. The one-two punch of lost income and extra bills adds unhealthy stress.

When bought before getting pregnant, short term disability insurance protects your income if you miss work due to pregnancy complications prior to your delivery and need bed rest. Your maternity leave for normal labor and delivery will be covered as well. The benefits will help you pay those extra bills, worry less, and rest more comfortably before your delivery.

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