Monday, October 21, 2013

Common and Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are not something that a woman will like to have as they can be dreadful. Certain women might have awful symptoms but others could have pretty mild ones. The blessed few will simply have no such complaint. For a pregnant woman, it is necessary to know about the difference types of symptoms so as to be acquainted with whether they are common or unusual ones. Then you would be able to check with a doctor if they are unusual.

First you will like to recognize what the common pregnancy symptoms are so that you can cope with it as they come. Each pregnancy is different so the experience will be different for every occasion you conceive. Reading about it is just the beginning but when you are the one conceiving, you will have to go through it yourself. Through understanding the common pregnancy symptoms, you can then plan well in advance to manage the stress better. For more precise information, you can consult your physician.

On the other hand, unusual pregnancy symptoms are something that causes awful pain or intense discomfort that can severely affect your day-to-day existence. The symptoms are something that make you take leave from work for a few days so ensures that you check with your physician as soon as possible. Women are usually intuitive and can tell if they have unusual pregnancy symptoms and always exercise the greatest care if you have misgivings as the physician is only a call away.

Morning sickness is one of the most widespread pregnancy symptoms that will bother the majority of the women who are conceiving but there are few blessed ones who will never have it. Morning sickness mainly occurs in the first semester but alas for some, it will last throughout the whole pregnancy. The name might imply it occurs in the morning but the fact is that it can occur throughout the whole day.

Another prevailing sign is backaches and it can occur early during the pregnancy or most likely in the third semester. Majority of them will get backaches as they are due to elevating hormone level in your body. If they are serious, then it is time to seek the advice of a physician to find some kind of cure.

The other common pregnancy symptom if the crave for food that can set you off craving for food that you thought you have never enjoyed them before. The carving can last all the way through the whole pregnancy and usually pregnant women will fancy sour food such as pickles as well as other like ice cream.

Aside from universal signs, there are other unusual pregnancy symptoms that can send chill down the spine. It makes for nervous reading but you have to research on them to prepare well ahead. When you are afflicted with such symptoms, the first thing you do is to call the doctor as unusual signs of pregnancy can give rise to miscarriage if you choose to disregard them.

Whatever pregnancy symptoms you have to go through, be it common or unusual ones always be ready for them so that you will not be overwhelmed when the occasions crop up. Pregnancy is a delight and if it is bereft of any symptoms, then you are fortunate but seeing it all the way through to give birth to your bundle of joy is the best gift.

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