Friday, October 25, 2013

How Can an Attorney Help in a Cerebral Palsy Case?

Cerebral palsy, which is a medical condition, occurs because of brain damage. It also occurs because of improper brain development. Brain development in a human being occurs right from the time of conception by the mother, as the fetus begins to show signs of growth. The brain is the most important organ because it almost controls everything in the human body. Any small damage to the brain can cause tremendous harm to any part in the body. If damage happens in the part of the brain cells that control the nerves and muscle coordination then the child will be born with cerebral palsy.

Damage to the brain of a child can occur anytime while the fetus is growing in the mother's stomach, during birth or right after birth due to various reasons. If the mother has a bad fall which directly results in causing brain damage to the fetus then cerebral palsy can occur. At times during birth, doctors tend to use forceps, a kind of medical instrument used for delivery on the head of the baby. When used with slight force it can cause damage to the brain. Also during birth or while in the stomach just before delivery, due to the mother's high blood pressure, the baby can be deprived of the much-needed oxygen that goes to the brain and this too can lead to cerebral palsy.

It is also possible that the umbilical cord connecting the baby and mother can get entangled around the neck of the baby and thus cause strangulation. This will result in the baby not getting enough oxygen to the brain and this will lead to certain cells in the brain to die a natural death because of lack of oxygen, which is so important for its survival. Leaving the baby too long inside the womb as soon as the child is ready for delivery is likely to cause cerebral palsy in the new born infant.

All these are instances of medical negligence and it is because of this that a cerebral palsy attorney is most required if your child is born and diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. It is the bounden duty of the medical fraternity to make sure that you have a safe pregnancy and the child in the womb is safe. In addition, they should ensure that the baby is born without facing any problems so that it stays healthy and does not end up with this medical condition.

The world over, there are thousands of children who are born with this medical condition and in many cases it is due to the negligence of the medical fraternity. Proper care during pregnancy, excellent delivery methods, and proper postnatal care is all very essential to the safety of the child. If malpractice and negligence is found to be the cause then legal remedy is to be sought, at once and a n attorney needs to be consulted. The attorney will call for all the records and then file lawsuits on behalf of the aggrieved parents. The attorney will fight the case in a court of law and get adequate compensation for the parents so that the money would be useful to help maintain and provide excellent treatment procedures for their affected child.

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