Saturday, October 26, 2013

Increased Sperm Count Leads to Greater Pregnancy Chances

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you must know that each and everything doesn't have to do with the mother to be. The father plays a massive and perhaps the most important role, when you are planning to get pregnant. With his sperms, your pregnancy will not start, so before trying you need to make sure that you focus on ways to increase sperm volume. The higher the volume the greater the chances are that you will hear good news quite soon. The greater the amount of sperms in the ejaculation, the better it is for the couple. So read this article if you are looking for information regarding how to increase semen volume. Firstly what you need to do is focus on how to increase the volume of ejaculation. A few tips include:

繚 The most common belief is that the greatest amount of ejaculation is created after twenty four to thirty hours since the last ejaculation. During this time it is feasible to try, however, before this the ejaculation will be minimal.

繚 Medicine has proven that ejaculation to contain water. Ninety eight percent of the ejaculation is water, so in order to maximize the amount be sure to consume sufficient water throughout the day. If the body is dehydrated, ejaculation will be minimal.

繚 You can consume many pills that are present in the market, that provide great nutrients that will lead to a better ejaculation. So you can contact your doctor and start a course of such pills, if you want to increase the chances of pregnancy.

繚 Pelvic exercises help to increase ejaculation since they send in more blood to your genitalia. Try to do some pelvic exercises on a regular basis as this help to increase ejaculation due to increased blood flow.

There are many way when you are talking about how to increase sperm count both with the help of medicine and naturally. The next few tips will be regarding how you can increase the amount of sperms in a natural way. Natural ways are perhaps the best ways since there is no danger of any side effect occurring.

繚 Keeping your body cool will help to increase the sperms. Heat can cause damage to the sperms and can decrease sperm count.

繚 Remember to indulge in a healthy exercise routine but do not over stress or over train your body. A brisk walk or mild exercise will prove beneficial.

繚 Organic food provides the nutrients that can help your sperm count increase. Since these foods do not have any added preservatives or any other chemicals they are the best option for you.

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