Monday, November 4, 2013

Little Information On Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy takes your body through several transformations; the most prominent is the increasing belly and excessive weight gain. And transformation in physique is consequently followed by changes in your wardrobe. Here comes the utility of maternal clothes, especially from your 4th month. Maternity clothes vary highly in length and size to accommodate various body types as expecting moms come in different sizes and shapes before pregnancy. Thus, you can get them in a broad range of tall, petite, regular lengths as well as in large, medium, small sizes. There are even extra large maternity clothes for plus size women. It is recommended to opt for your pre-expecting size while shopping for the maternity clothes. The rule suits for everything from dresses to tops to bottoms to hosiery.

Maternity clothes are designed with utmost care to ensure comfort and sufficient room for the expanding belly without compromising on style. The maternity tops are fitted with in built panels to provide the required space for your increasing bulge. The maternity bottoms (pants, skirts, capris, crops or shorts) come with elastic, drawstrings and also a in built panel (made of spandex) for your expanding midsection. However, the cuts of these maternity cloths are quite like the conventional clothes to a stylish fashion statement. The sole difference is the stretchy portion near the waist to assure that the growing belly gets maximum comfort. Maternity undergarments must be opted since they provide a strong back-up for your growing uterus and heavy breasts. As the little one inside starts growing, a lot of strain and pressure are placed over your back that can be remedied with the help of a tummy sleeve or maternity belts. You also have the supportive panties which rise up to the stomach.

Historically speaking, in the ancient days, the attires were basically the flowy ones without focusing on a woman's curves. But the medieval era brought form fitting beautiful dresses equipped with seams. And in case of pregnant women, the seams were unfolded to accommodate the increasing body growth. The highly popular maternal cloth of the middle ages was the famous "Baroque Adrienne". It was a waistless maternal gown with numerous folds. Aprons were also a regular choice for expecting mothers. Pinafores were the most prominent pick in the 20th century. However, in those days, maternity wears were considered highly unprofitable as many women did not want to get a whole new wardrobe for just a few months. But, the scenario started changing since the 1990's with high media coverage on celebrity pregnancies.

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