Sunday, November 3, 2013

Several Stages to Get a Degree in Nursing

There are several ways to obtain degree in nursing. It can be done through online, full-time, part-time or by distance. Here, the full time nursing degree will then be discussed. Full-time program simply means the particular student will be occupied by the nursing studies and the duration is shorter compared to the others. Nursing degree courses comprise four branches of nursing. They are adult, child, mental and also learning disabilities. In all the higher level institutions in England, a nursing student has to undergo a three years degree program for full time degree course.

Pre registration nursing degree programs provide theoretical studies and supervised practical training which enable nurses to acquire both academic and professional qualification. The pre registration nurse education programs are now available in higher education institutions. For the degree program, it is started with a general introduction of nursing called common foundation program (CFP). The introduction is very vital to develop your communication, caring and also observation skills. In addition to that, the CFP do also provide introduction for those four branches in nursing and in maternity care.

For the practical training, it covers 50% of the overall grade of the program. This training is carried out in both hospital and community locations, with the aim of preparing nurse to face different challenges in different circumstances. The program, as mentioned earlier, is a three years program with the first year or one and a half year allocated for CFP. The rest of the duration is allocated for the four branches of nursing. Students can choose to only specialize in one of the branches, or even to study the combinations of these branches. Upon completion of the three years program, the student can now receive the degree in nursing and start serving the community, in both public places and hospitals

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