Saturday, November 9, 2013

Should Pregnant Women Undergo Chiropractic Care?

This is an important question that all pregnant women should know the answer to. During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many physiological and endocrinological changes as the baby inside the womb begins to grow and develop. Due to these changes, the pregnant mother experiences various forms of misalignments in her joints and/or spine, that could result in one or a combination of, the following:

- A growing, prominent curve of the back
- Enlargement of the abdomen
- Pelvic changes
- Postural changes

These changes in the pregnant woman's body could result in them experiencing difficulty attaining proper balance and alignment. Hence, chiropractic care helps correct these conditions and enables the development for better posture that puts less stress on the pregnant body. Importantly, the misalignment of a pregnant woman's pelvis could limit the baby's development inside the womb.

Is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Safe?

All licensed chiropractors are trained about using chiropractic procedures on pregnant women. There are chiropractic professionals who specialize in treatments for prenatal and postnatal care individually. Hence, these professionals are trained and are required to direct their specialization to ensure the safety of both baby and mother.

Chiropractors who treat pregnant women must adjust the intensity of their treatment procedures depending on the condition and in what stage of their gestation period the woman is in. Many times, chiropractors will recommend a regimen of stretching and exercise in order to ensure optimum health for the pregnant woman.

Chiropractic Benefits for The Pregnant Woman

Before women undergo labor, it is highly recommended that she undergo chiropractic care as it assists in many ways throughout her pregnancy and delivery.

It assists in the following:

- It helps to achieve a healthier pregnancy.

- It enables the patient to achieve good control over their symptoms and/or conditions associated with pregnancy.

- It enables the patient to have an expeditious and effective delivery.

- It enables relief from pain on the neck, back, or joints which get tremendous strain during pregnancy.

- It enables women to avoid the possibility of undergoing cesarean section.

Chiropractic Effects During Labor

In addition to the benefits for prenatal conditions mentioned above, chiropractic care offers great benefits during the actual labor and delivery of the baby, especially in terms of pain management. A more successful delivery is possible upon receiving chiropractic care.

Duration of Labor

When the human body undergoes extremely stressful situations, such as in the delivery of a baby, the balance level and adaptability of the pregnant body is crucial. Most women who have to undergo Cesarean section during delivery are due to the body's inability to cope with the normal stress of delivery. Most of the time, when a woman is not strong enough to deliver a baby normally, it is the result of a misalignment of the pelvis. This slows down the descent of the fetus towards the birth canal. A limited range of motion is also a culprit that affects a woman's ability to labor efficiently. Hence, getting chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy enables a woman to address the above problems and significantly reduce her time in labor.

The Fetal Position

Another component that impacts labor time is the positioning of the fetus. Chiropractic treatments will help to adjust and place the fetus for proper movement through the birth canal. Many health experts also believe that chiropractic treatments help avoid the acquisition of any form of back conditions.

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