Saturday, November 9, 2013

You Can Still Look Sexy While Pregnant!

Big, Bold, and Beautiful: How to Look Hot During Pregnancy

If you think "looking hot during pregnancy" is slightly oxymoronic--save those insufferable summer months when you can't seem to cool down for the life of you--you're not alone.

Many a pregnant woman has felt awkward, unattractive, and, well, large. However, simply by learning a few tricks, and with just a little effort, you can look and feel like that hot mama-to-be that you are.

Looking hot during pregnancy starts with learning to take care of yourself. Although some women treat it as such, pregnancy should not be a license to "let yourself go," eat whatever you want, and stop caring what you look like. "But I'm taking my prenatal vitamins and avoiding my daily shot of vodka," you may protest. And while that's all well and good, there is so much more involved with self-care during pregnancy.

A few tips in this department include drinking lots of water, eating healthy as much as possible (with the odd treat here and there, of course), exercising moderately (walking, swimming, prenatal yoga), and maintaining your hair and makeup regimen. As your skin stretches during pregnancy, take good care of it with a good prenatal moisturizing lotion like cocoa butter.

Next, in order to claim that "big, bold, and beautiful" label as yours, you need to take advantage of what the pregnancy hormone gods have given you. Your fingernails will likely grow faster around month four--splurge on a manicure! You will also be the proud owner of a full and fabulous head of hair (since pregnancy hormones slow down hair loss), so work this to your advantage. And don't forget that wonderful, where-did-you-come-from cleavage that you now have to show off.

Finally, you must learn to dress the part. Stop dreading that inevitable maternity clothes shopping trip. By knowing what to look for--and, of course, what to avoid--you'll be on your way to looking pregnant and sexy. First, look at your assets, and what you (or your man) find most attractive--breasts? Belly? Arms? Legs? Back?--and find cute and trendy apparel that flaunts them accordingly.

It's best to avoid buying plus-size clothing. They won't fit or look right. Wear your regular clothes as long as possible and then head straight to the maternity department. If everything looks plain, out-of-style, frumpy, or huge, consider shopping online, where you'll find a ton of hot, attractive, and sexy clothes for the mom-to-be.

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