Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Does Pregnancy Have You Feeling Sleep Deprived?

Pregnancy can be a trying nine month period of time for any woman. Many times, a mom to be may feel sleep deprived. Since she will not be getting much rest once the baby arrives, it is best to nip the problem in the bud. When sleep deprivation is occurring during pregnancy, a woman will need advice concerning the best way to get rest. Here are some tips that a pregnant woman can follow to get to bed and sleep through the night peacefully.

One way that a pregnant woman can sleep better is with use of a pregnancy pillow. This special pillow is designed to support the stomach and lower back while sleeping. It is usually C-shaped and fit to contour against the profile of a pregnant woman's curves. It can be placed between the knees or around the back for support. Most pregnant women will find that side sleeping is the most comfortable position.

Getting a weekly pregnancy massage may also help to get a better night's rest. Massage can lower stress and relieve the discomfort placed on the body by the growing fetus. Backaches and leg cramps are common complaints during pregnancy, so massage can alleviate the pain. It can also heighten circulation and take away tension. On the end, it can encourage a good night's sleep as well.

Soothing music can be an outlet when stress builds during pregnancy. Music is a way to ease anxiousness and depression that sets in as hormones are running wild during pregnancy. Soothing music can also calm the baby as well.

When a pregnant woman cannot sleep, it is best to leave the television off. Turning the tv on will only get the brain excited instead of making it calm. When a person finds a show that is interesting, they tend to watch it to the end. This may take away valuable time that can be spent resting. Before it is all said and done, morning has come and it is time to get up.

Many women who are pregnant will experience swollen nasal passages. This will lead to snoring or congestion which keeps a person awake or from falling asleep. To alleviate the problem, it may be smart to place a humidifier in the bedroom. This will add moisture to the air, leaving the nose clear and open.

No pregnant woman wants to suffer from sleep deprivation, so it is imperative to learn ways to get a good night's sleep. The above tips will help a woman rest comfortably at night when she is expecting a baby. Without sleep, a pregnant woman will be irritable and even more uncomfortable than normal.

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