Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Secret of Postnatal Depression

Around 20 percent of women and 10 percent of men go through postnatal depression. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you are one of them and if you are a friend or partner, you should not judge them for their feelings. There are many reasons why someone will go through these problems and it is possible to get treatment without the use of medication.

Postnatal depression is commonly referred to a postpartum depression. It affects both men and women, for different reasons, but is more commonly remembered as a condition that many new moms go through. Women usually find the disorder occurs due to a sudden change in hormones while men will find it occurs due to a sudden change in lifestyle.

There are many feelings that will be experienced while a man or woman is going through postnatal depression. Some will have a fear of not being able to care or provide for the infant while others will feel resentment for the baby changing their lives so much. This is commonly the reason why parents do not like talking to each other or their friends about their feelings; they fear that the other parent or the friends will not understand their feelings and will judge them.

Making a few changes in the home can really help with dealing with the postpartum depression. Setting a schedule has been known to help, especially for men, since it means they can have some order back into their lives. Getting the rest needed helps both sexes because it gives the bodies a chance to rejuvenate and deal with the next day.

Techniques like the Emotional Freedom Technique are commonly used to help with treating postnatal depression. EFT is done in three stages. The first stage is when the person suffering with the condition is able to talk openly about their fears and feelings. This helps the professional know the best ways to treat them. The second stage is the treatment phase; this is when pressure is placed on acupuncture points and the person suffering will think about their feelings and say a mantra over and over again.

The benefit of EFT is that the treatment and post-treatment phases (the last part) will continue until the fears and feelings and subsided enough to help treat postnatal depression. This is something that can be used on men and women and has been known to help a number of people. The main benefit is that there is no need to take any antidepressant medication.

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