Saturday, February 2, 2013

Raw Food Diet - Can it Enhance Pregnancy For Overweight Americans?

Infertility affects over 10% of American couples and 5% of the population. It is increasing at an alarming rate especially for overweight people. Although conventional medication has done its best, but for some reason, 10% of infertile couples are diagnosed with an unexplained cause of infertility. It means that the couple is found to be healthy with no structural problems, but conventional medicine has failed to find the causes of infertility, even with its modern technology. In traditional Chinese medicine, infertility is viewed as some tiny micro changes that cannot be detected by conventional medicine's modern technology that interfere with the natural process of pregnancy. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine views overweight infertility is caused by the typical American diet which is high in saturated and trans-fat, refined products, artificial ingredients, etc.. leading to excessive yang, dampness and phlegm(fat) accumulating in the body, thus affecting the chance of artificial insemination and natural conception.

Raw food diet is yin pathogen and cool in nature (please avoid any raw foods with dampness, you can check them in any Chinese food classification site on the Internet). It helps:

1. To Increase function of Spleen and stomach in food absorption
As raw food enters the stomach, it cools down the stomach's heat and is divided into qi and materials. Qi is absorbed by the spleen, it reduces the excessive yang slowly, as the spleen has been damaged by overheat of the typical American diet. The materials are cool in nature, it slows down the stomach's metabolism, leading to weight loss, increasing the stomach function in secreting turbid, and promoting the spleen's function in fluid absorption.

2. To decrease dampness and heat
According to traditional Chinese medicine, overweight Americans are overweight due to the typical American diet which contributes to dampness accumulation in the body's organ as a result of the kidney's abnormal function in fluid distribution and transportation, leading to dampness descending to the abdominal region that distorts the normal conception. As the abundance of dampness, it generates heat that negatively affects the immune system in fighting against bacteria and virus invasion, forming free radicals, and abnormal immune allergenic reactions to harmful materials.

3. To increase blood formation and transportation
As the spleen no longer functions normally in qi distribution due to yang and dampness nature of the typical American diet, it causes liver qi stagnation which reduces the function of blood formation and storing as well as decreasing the heart in blood circulation.

4. To increase blood to the abdomen
As the excessive yang and dampness slowly decreases, it increases the kidney's function in regulating the blood flow to the uterus for promoting natural conception during the menstrual cycle as a result of the qi and blood are no longer being stagnated.

Raw food diet cannot cure the excessive yang and dampness overnight, but at least it reduces them, thus increasing the chance of hormones, leading to fertility. Sometime along the road, the yin and yang will become harmonized.

If you are pregnant by eating raw, it means that your body has provided at least a suitable environment for conception. You should replace your raw food diet with steamed or boiled foods, because your baby needs to be warmed by blood and nutrients transported to the uterus. Intake of raw foods may increase the risk of cool uterus, leading to miscarriage.

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