Thursday, January 31, 2013

How EFT Can Help Postpartum Depression

Emotional Freedom Technique is one of those practices that can be used to help with postpartum depression. It is known as alternative psychotherapy and can be a great way to expel the negative thoughts that many new moms have once they have given birth to their bouncing joy.

EFT is the process of placing pressure on acupuncture areas of the body; this allows the new mom to go through something that will take her mind off the thoughts that she is having. This is done while the new mom is thinking about the fears that she is experiencing which is causing the postpartum depression. The pain and the focus on the negative thoughts will act as a way to stop the thoughts.

Another benefit is that the new mom gets to talk with a professional about her fears and starts to find ways to think differently about her fears. Rather than focusing on them, she will be able to focus on the positives of raising her new baby.

There are three stages of EFT that someone will go through. The first stage is called the Baseline Phase, which is when the treatment is explained and when the new mom gets a chance to explain how she feels and talks about her fears. This is a great time for her to have someone listen to her without passing any judgment. The new mom will get a chance to go through breathing exercises, which can help her relax when the fears become more prominent during the day.

The next step is known as the Treatment Phase, which is when the process of the pressure on the points of the body is started. This can be difficult for a patient because it means dealing with the feelings that they have been feeling and not just talking about them. The pressure on the acupuncture points helps to stimulate the nerves in the body.

The final stage is called the Post-Treatment Phase. This is when the new moms will be asked to rate how intense their fear is. This will give the professional a chance to determine whether the treatment was effective or not. The new mom will go through another round of the second phase if the fears have not died-down or she may find that she no longer needs that type of help and just needs the support from her family and her partner to get over her postpartum depression.

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