Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

If you have been struggling to get pregnant my first tip is this. Take some time out and get back to the basics. When you become overly consumed and try too hard your body can become a stress ball.

This will in no way help you to get pregnant. When you are tense you do not perform well and your body does not function properly.

Now it's easy for me to write an article and say do this and do that. There you are struggling, how do I know what you are going through? The truth is I do not, but as two adults we can agree if you are not in the best of health and relaxed you will reduce your chances of pregnancy. By the way this also applies to your partner. Healthy sperm is required.

Tip number 2 is getting back to the basics. You know eating good food not only makes you healthy but it also provides mental clarity. When there are chemical imbalances we can experience highs and lows.

Eating healthy helps your body to function properly. Eat fresh living foods such as fruit and vegetables, also eat some raw vegetables and have salads with spinach and avocado. Good fats, good food, means a happier less stressed out you.

Tip number 3 relates to timing. I you have been trying to get pregnant for a while you have probably read about this multiple times. Getting the timing right is all about being in tune with your body. If as mentioned you are stressed out and in poor health and overly consumed you will be jumping to conclusions rather that being in touch with the facts.

You by being aware of your body along with using various measurements such as temperature and so on can greatly improve your ability to know when you are ovulating.

Sex before ovulation is imperative and you need to do so at least once a day during this time frame. This will increase the sperm count giving you more opportunity to fertilize the egg. Do not use lubricants as this can destroy the little sperm. After sex relax, prop your hips up and stay lying down for a while.

Make sex enjoyable. You have a wonderful body that can bring a miraculous new life into this world. Just relax and let nature take its course do not work against it - work with it and you will be a happy healthier mommy. If you want help avoiding mistakes that can prevent pregnancy and a step by step guide to getting pregnant then select any of the following links. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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