Monday, May 13, 2013

Buying Ovulation Predictor Tests? Include This Insurance Purchase Too

If you are buying ovulation predictor tests, you are embarking on an exciting new journey. A journey filled with hope and joy, but also uncertainty. Getting pregnant, and having a baby provides great rewards, but it comes at a cost along with some risks as well. Make some smart choices now, before getting pregnant, so you can enjoy the wonderful experience without some of the stress and worry. Never buy an ovulation test alone. Purchase short term disability insurance before buying your ovulation predictor. It may be the smartest move you ever made.

Ovulation Predictor Tests

Ovulation predictor tests looks for luteinizing hormone. Just prior to ovulation, women experience a short surge where the luteinizing hormone level spikes. Ovulation predictor kits will help you pinpoint this surge and help you predict when you will ovulate. This information can help couples improve their odds of conception.

Before moving down the path of buying an ovulation predictor and getting pregnant, it would be wise to consider the financial consequences of your pregnancy. There is much more to think about beyond the extra mouth to feed and clothe. Mom will be missing at least six weeks of work for her maternity leave. In addition, 25% of pregnancies involve one or more complications that may require mom to miss work prior to her delivery. Plus, delivery complications may mean an extended time away from the job after delivery. And mom could get sick or hurt at any time.

Leverage your Plans to Get Pregnant

If you are researching ovulation predictors, you have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy insurance that covers a planned event: your normal labor and delivery. Bought before getting pregnant, short term disability insurance will pay a six week benefit when mom experiences a health safe pregnancy, and a happy healthy baby. Use your plans to get pregnant to your best advantage. Buy an insurance policy that pays a direct benefit to you when you plans to get pregnant come true. Your benefit for normal delivery may greatly exceed the premium you pay.

Get Security at No Additional Cost

But this is not the real value of buying short term disability coverage before purchasing your ovulation test. You also will be covered in case pregnancy complications cause you to miss work. In addition, there is an eight week benefit for a c-section delivery, and if delivery complications cause you to miss additional time, your short term disability policy may cover this additional time as well.

Plus you just never know when you might become sick or suffer an injury and miss work. Most people who purchase disability coverage do so for this reason alone Buy combing a disability purchase with your ovulation test, you simply have three additional compelling reasons: you create maternity leave income, and get additional coverage for pregnancy and delivery complications - all at no additional cost.

Before buying your ovulation kit, do some research into short term disability coverage. Consider your benefit for normal delivery - an event you plan to have happen sometime very soon. Compare that benefit to the premium cost, and then consider all the other ways a policy helps you sleep well at night.

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