Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back Pain During Pregnancy

What Happens During Pregnancy?

Back Pain During Pregnancy is mainly due the changes that the woman's body will undergo. When a women becomes pregnant, a lot of physical changes and alterations in the endocrine system occur, which prepare her body for the growing foetus.

These changes can also lead to joint and spine problems, due to the dramatic change in the pregnant woman's posture. There are pelvic changes, the protruding abdomen and increased Lumbar curve together with the increased weight gain, put pressure on the pregnant woman's skeletal structure.

All of these factors can make pregnant women more prone to spine and pelvic misalignment, leading to back pain, lower back pain or even sciatic pain.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is a manual therapy, which primarily works on the spine and pelvis of the body. Either through accident or injury, poor posture, or postural changes during pregnancy, the body can become misaligned,(a misalignment is when a joint of the body has moved slightly out of its correct natural alignment.).

As the spine protects the spinal cord, misalignment here, or in the pelvis can have a direct effect on the nerves, which may become pinched or trapped and therefore cause back pain.

Chiropractic through specific adjustments maintains the correct alignment of the body, spine and pelvis. This in turn helps to ensure that the body's nerve supply works efficiently, freeing the patient from back pain, or any discomfort caused by misalignment.

Chiropractic care is suitable for many individuals, including infants and children and even pregnant women are reaping the benefits. Once the mum to be is in the second trimester of her pregnancy, i.e., anytime after the first three months, Chiropractic care is safe.

Mc Timoney Chiropractic.

Mc Timoney Chiropractors are trained to deal with pregnant patients and adjust their equipment as necessary to suit the pregnant lady's requirements. The Mc Timoney Technique is a very gentle Holistic process, which makes it particularly suitable for women in this special and delicate state. Also the technique is easily adapted to allow the patient to reap the full benefit of treatment while avoiding any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen.

Treating Symptoms.

Regular visits to a Mc Timoney Chiropractor will keep the Mum to Be in correct skeletal alignment, while the Chiropractor will also give her plenty of advice on posture, lifting and bending during pregnancy.

This treatment is gentle and effective and will ensure that the Pregnant Woman will maintain correct spinal and pelvic alignment and flexibility. This will enable the woman to have a comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy free from back pain and discomfort, while it also ensures that the pelvis maintains correct alignment for an easier delivery.

Mc Timoney Chiropractic care during pregnancy can eliminate many problems such as sciatica, low back pain, headaches, and mid-back and rib pain.


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