Monday, November 18, 2013

Best Sexual Position to Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby

Gender selection is not a new concept; people have been trying to influence whether they have a boy baby or a girl baby for hundreds of years. Fortunately we now know a lot more about how our bodies work and for this reason we can influence our baby's gender or sex in many ways including what sexual position we use.

Why This Method of Getting Pregnant With a Boy Works

As you probably already know, it is the male or rather his sperm that is responsible for whether you have a boy or a girl baby. The Y chromosome sperm (boy sperm) is very fast and can reach the egg quickest in a race, but they don't live long and can often die within a day or two. The X chromosome sperm (girl sperm) live a lot longer (sometimes up to five days) and can reach the egg at any time, often once the boy sperm have already died off.

That means that timing is important in getting pregnant with a boy. The closer you can have sex to when you ovulate - when the egg is released - then the more chance you have of getting a boy baby.

Best Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy Baby

So now that you know that you have to have sex as close to ovulation as possible so that the Y sperm reaches the egg first there are also a number of sexual intercourse positions that can help improve your chances of getting a boy.

The most common is the rear entry position (often called the doggie position). This is where the woman is either in all fours position kneeling on the bed or floor and the man enters her from behind, or she is lying on her stomach with her legs kneeling on the bed or floor. This gives access to deep penetration and so the sperm is deposited right at the entrance to the cervix. Since they are not very strong, the Y sperm has a shorter distance to travel and will more likely reach the egg first and you will conceive a boy.

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