Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Confinement Is Essential for a New Mum After Giving Birth

Confinement is tradition in several cultures and recommended by doctors for women who have recently given birth. Restrictions are placed on the mother during this period for at least six weeks in the United States and about forty days or more in other countries. Regardless of whether you are in good shape or not, it is important for the body to have adequate time to regenerate so you can resume your normal activities before you were pregnant.

Confinement after birth is one of the main purposes of allowing the uterus to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy state which takes about four to six weeks. Unless requested by the mother that the baby will be formula fed, breastfeeding is encouraged to help the uterus contract faster. Other techniques such as firmly massaging the uterus in a circular motion also helps release any extra bleeding that a woman experiences from giving birth. Since she already loses a lot of blood during childbirth, resting during the confinement period will keep her hemorrhaging or losing too much blood which could land her right back in the hospital. This is also a good time to have family or friends who are able to help because your stomach, torn skin, or stitched areas may be sore and so you will not have to get up unless it's necessary.

Fatigue is another factor that should be taken into account after childbirth. Confinement is absolutely a must because of the trauma that the body goes through during childbirth. Since you should be resting until your six week checkup, then it's a good idea to get sleep and drink plenty of water especially if you are breastfeeding to keep your energy up. A woman can also monitor any overtiredness or sleep deprivation to report to the doctor. Single mothers and mothers with little help with a baby should seek any extra support from trusted people if they have other small children because they may overexert their body to care for their children.

Confinement is beneficial to not only the mother but also the newborn emotionally. It gives both of them time to further bond from the birthing place and for the mother who may suffer from postpartum depression, it may help to build a bond between them. This is another time to monitor any overwhelming feelings or depression like symptoms which you need to immediately relay to your doctor or nurse. Confinement after childbirth does so much for your mental state away from any chaos, people or active lifestyle that may have been physically draining so you can enjoy motherhood in the best state of being.

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