Friday, November 22, 2013

Natural Health Helps Improve in Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization can be an emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting experience for many couples, natural health can support you along the way. Couples, who choose in vitro fertilization as a way to have a baby, go through a lot financially, physically and emotionally. Natural health can assist in all three areas. By following very cost effective natural therapies you can increase your chances of success, which in turn will save you money. By following a healthy life style you can achieve a healthy pregnancy, prevent miscarriages and have an easier birth and postpartum experience. By learning how to deal with stress you will be able to manage parenting and adjusting to your new life with a baby.

Eat only organic fruits and vegetables. These are rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Also they offer a wide range of anti-oxidants which will protect the eggs and sperm from damage. You can supplement with the following minerals and vitamins which have great anti-oxidant properties and also aid in fertility.

During the six week prior to starting your in vitro fertilization treatments. Try an herbal detox, which will eliminate toxins from your body. A detox is also useful in between cycles to aid your body cleanse after taking fertility medications. If you get pregnant avoid cleansing until after you stop nursing.

Acupuncture has been used for a very long time to treat women's health conditions. Today, it is gaining popularity very rapidly as an effective natural health therapy to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine for the treatment of infertility. Acupuncture helps reduce the side-effects of fertility medications. It also helps produce better quality follicles, enhance uterine blood flow and prevent miscarriages. For men, acupuncture helps improve the quality of sperm in morphology, motility and count.

Your weight plays a very important factor in your fertility. Before your in vitro fertilization cycles make sure your weight goals are reached. Infertility results from either weighing too little or too much. The relationship between weight and fertility lays in the fact that estrogen is stored in fat cells. If you have too much body fat, the body produces too much estrogen limiting your odds of getting pregnant. A woman with too little body fat can't produce enough estrogen and her reproductive cycle begins to shut down. In both cases the menstrual cycle is affected leading to anovulatory cycles, irregularities, luteal phase defect, and more.

Fertility Yoga helps you relax and increases calmness to assist you when dealing with the stress of invasive in vitro fertilization treatments. If you are new to yoga either take a beginner's class or follow a DVD that teaches simple relaxing poses with meditation and visualization. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. Certain yoga poses create hormonal balance and are especially designed to increase fertility. Also, make sure the pose you are executing is not contraindicated during pregnancy and menstruation. To not do poses that can compromise implantation like inverted poses. Talk to a qualified yoga therapist or to your fertility health care specialist. Learn the yoga breathing and practice it every day!

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy can be wonderful before and during pregnancy. It helps to alleviate the tension caused by stress through touch and pressure by sending positive impulses to the spinal cord. It reduces excess nerve activity within muscles and helps with the removal of toxins, which contribute to pain and stiffness in the muscles. Besides increasing muscle relaxation, massage therapy contributes to increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs stimulating the body's natural ability to ovulate. Make sure to look for a registered massage therapist who specializes in fertility and pregnancy massage.

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