Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Intended Parents Pay For in Surrogacy

Whether you have decided to become a surrogate mother, or you are looking to find a surrogate mother, the question of what fees and costs intended parents pay for in surrogacy is a big one. Pregnancy, and an IVF pregnancy in particular, can be quite costly.

The short answer is, if it relates to pregnancy, the intended parents pay for it. These expenses can add up fast. The following lists some common fees that intended parents pay.

If a surrogate mother has her own health insurance, that does not exclude surrogacy, then this should be used. The intended parents should NOT reimburse her for her regular insurance, but should pay for a policy if she does not have one.

Medical Expenses
All medical expenses that are not covered by a surrogate mother's health insurance will be the responsibility of the intended parents. This includes if she loses her health insurance, or if the provider decides not to pay for the pregnancy.

Clinic Fees
All fees from the IVF clinic (not used in traditional surrogacy) are the responsibility of the intended parents. This also includes all medications and all tests the clinic requires of the gestational surrogate mother.

Attorney Fees
Both the intended parents' attorney and the surrogate mother's attorney will be paid for by the intended parents. They will also need to pay all legal fees associated with the birth of the surrogate baby.

Agency Fees
If an agency is used, all the fees should be paid by the intended parents. This fee can be avoided by finding an independent match.

Surrogate Fees
The fees that the traditional or gestational surrogate mother requires will be outlined in the surrogacy contract. The intended parents are responsible for all these fees, as they are described.

Miscellaneous Fees
Things like travel, childcare, lost wages, prenatal vitamins, and doctors office copays should be paid for by the intended parents. The surrogate mother should receive reimbursement on these items in addition to her compensation.

The expenses that intended parents are responsible for can be quite large, and more than intimidating. If you are considering surrogacy as a solution to creating your family, it is best to research these fees and be prepared in advance.

It is not unrealistic to assume that added up, all of these various fees can come to more than $50-100,000. It is so hard to put a better number on it since each situation is different.

Lawyers may charge more in one state than another. An experienced gestational surrogate mother will request more in compensation than a first time traditional surrogate mother. A pregnancy might not be achieved on a first IVF transfer but may require three cycles, or four.

And even after all the big expenses are paid, there are a myriad of smaller, everyday items that add up over time. Maternity clothing, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tests. These things cost money.

A surrogate pregnancy can be a very expensive undertaking. But in the end, having your own child to hold in your arms is worth it.

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