Saturday, November 23, 2013

Husband's Emotional Support For Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy can be compared to a roller coaster experience. You have to ride in it until the end regardless of how scared you are of the speed, curves, twists, and height. A pregnant woman may act strangely during this period in such a way that she irritates a lot of people. However, she deserves to be greatly understood and pampered since mood changes can affect the baby as well. If you are a "soon-to-be dad", you should get through the ups and downs of pregnancy, too.

Undergoing pregnancy is not an easy task to do because it involves a variety of emotional dilemmas. You cannot completely understand what your pregnant wife is truly feeling. You tried to fix the knotted emotions but still the intervention done was not worth it. Even if you performed all the household chores for her, she still complained. There are times that she frequently nags at you accusing you of something that you are not- an irresponsible husband and father. This may sound very heartbreaking that you want to leave her alone in the house and socialize with those people who are fun to be with.

But this should not be the case! You have to deal with the difficulties of being a future dad. Though quite intricate to comprehend, you should be patient enough to accompany her in this journey. Understanding the whole "pregnant thing" is not the absolute answer. Rather, offering a genuine emotional support is all that matters to calm her down. Your presence is definitely a key factor which makes her feel contented and secured. Control your temper and listen to what she is saying with proper eye contact. Show her the utmost love and affection by caressing her especially in bad times. You touch her belly and talk to the precious living being in her womb. The baby can hear your voice even if he is still inside.

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