Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7 Quick Confidence Boosters

Sometimes even though we grow in confidence as we get older we do have times where we lack confidence. This might be when meeting with new people, going to a job interview, presenting to a group of people, meeting with people you haven't seen in a while and even when making decisions.

Confidence is not something we have or don't have it is state of being; it is a state we attain and can have control over once we know how.

Confidence is what makes us feel good; when we feel confident we can produce excellent results in whatever we do. This is due to confidence giving us the right frame of mind, focus and passion to help us complete the tasks we set ourselves. Lack of confidence affects our results negatively and is usually caused by a negative emotion or limiting belief about ourselves. Having a lack in confidence can lead to negative self talk and self doubt which will really limit the quality of our day to day life as these are all unresourceful and can drain our energy.

So, how can you instantly boost your confidence? By practising the seven confidence boosters so they become second nature to you. Read, practice, get the feeling and apply for instant confidence!
Quick confidence boosters

1. Power stance

Stand straight and with your shoulders back with feet at shoulder width apart. Ask yourself how would you breathe if you were feeling confident right now? Then as you are breathing take three deep breaths in and out. Then notice how different you feel when you are standing in the Power Stance.

2. Adjust auditory SubModalities

This is a quick fix for negative self talk.be playful and change the voice of the negative self talk into the voice of Donald Duck. You can also triple the speed or make the voice really really slow

3. Look through the eyes of the new you.

Stand, breath, talk, play as if you are totally confident. This behaviour will be enforced over time

4. Afformations

These are empowering questions that we can ask ourselves out loud three to four times a day. By asking these questions our unconscious mind will look for the answer. For example
'Why am I so confident?' or 'Why do I feel confident all the time?'

5. Just do it!

Think I'm going to do it anyway and enjoy it! Did you know there are many different ways to do things right and not so many ways to do things wrong? Getting out of your comfort zone will reward you with more confidence instantly

6. Achievement diary

Write down three things everyday that you have done well, they do not have to be big things.

7. Gratitude

Practice the attitude of gratitude! Every morning thank the universe for what you have. Write it down or sing it out aloud which ever you prefer.

What if you started using these tips today? We can utilize the tips quickly and effectively anytime and in any given situation. Where will instant confidence take you today and tomorrow? Enjoy the new instantly confident you!

Sally Pettitt
The Mother Factor

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