Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are You Particularly Prone to Depression Or Anxiety During Pregnancy?

Here are some common risk factors:

o Depression or anxiety runs in the family. If you have experienced depression or extreme anxiety, (to a lesser extent is that someone in your family had a history of depression), then you are more prone to suffering from depression when you are pregnant. Even if you did not win first prize of depression or anxiety, but only in certain tension or uncertainty when frustrated or worried, now you are more vulnerable to be attacked by depression.

o The relationship between husband and wife. If you are suffering from relationship problems with your other half and can not be solved through normal communication, you can try to consider a common trust to do a mediator. If there is a marriage advisory service near you, you can also find professionals for help. Do not mistakenly believe that the arrival of a newborn baby will solve all problems. The emergence of a newborn baby will only make your relationship tenser, especially when you are the victim of domestic violence.

o Infertility treatment. If you have had infertility problems, you may feel great pressure. If you had a number of infertility treatments, the months or even years of waiting for the treatment could affect your mood and cause anxiety and depression. In addition, even if you are pregnant, for fear of losing the hard-earned baby, it is also a very common sentiment. All of these will make you prone to depression.

o Previous experience of abortion. If you had abortion before, it's natural to concern more of the baby inside you. If the abortion happened recently, or in the past year, or you had several abortions, then your body and spirit will need long time to recover. Like the treatment of infertility, if your physical health not good, you will be more vulnerable to depression and anxiety attacks.

o Pregnancy problems. If you have pregnancy complications or high-risk pregnant, your mood may also be affected, in particular, you need to stay in bed for many weeks or multiple checks.

Pregnant women who carry twins or multiple births often fall into this category.

Stress from complex inspection process, combined with concerns about the safety of the baby, you will find it difficult to cope with. In addition, not working or doing normal things will make you feel more difficult to maintain a healthy state of mind.

o Stress from life events. You have to worry about the financial situation? Moving house? Changing a job? Becoming a full-time mother after many years of working? Similar to a major event or turning point in life, such as divorce, a close friend or family member's death, or unemployment, and so on, can all make you feel depressed and low.

oA history of abuse. In the emotional, sexual, physical or words, have been subject to ill-treatment of women will not have their own self-confidence and a sense of helplessness or a sense of isolation - all of which will increase your risk of depression. During pregnancy, they will recall the painful history of abuse, which will once again make them suffer from depression, anxiety, and panic attack.

o Other risk factors. If you are young, single, or unwanted pregnancy, your chances of suffering from depression and anxiety will be much higher.

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