Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Are the Risks of Anxiety During Pregnancy?

Many women believe that pregnancy is the key to ultimate happiness; bringing a newborn child into the world is simply incomparable. This is in fact the same reason why a newborn is called a bundle of joy. However, contrary to what most people think, pregnancy is not all about happiness and excitement.

Likewise, the danger of bearing a child is not limited to physical attributes but may even be more dangerous on the emotional and mental levels. As pregnant women are delicate and susceptible to aggravation, anxiety finds its way to change how a woman thinks and things may turn ugly if getting rid of anxiety during pregnancy is not dealt with seriously.

Postpartum depression, a clinical term for postnatal depression, is said to arise from anxiety within the nine months of carrying a child. It strikes the most after giving birth but as opposed to what experts believed a few years back, it starts to build up as the hormonal changes happens inside the body. Affecting 10 percent of the population, this is a serious thing especially if it leads to the death of the mother or the baby or both. There are recorded cases of suicide right after giving birth not because of heavy problems but solely due to the feeling of anxiety, depression and confusion, all in one. Some reported cases also show mothers killing their babies intentionally although the thought would turn horrible for them as soon as their hormone levels normalized. Without proper attention, anxiety in pregnant women could turn tragic.

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