Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Pregnant Cat Health Care Plan

Your cat is pregnant and you need to administer proper nutrition and fluids so that she can have a normal and easy labor. The pregnant cat health plan requires a birthing room. A cat usually picks a place away from people and other animals. This place is where the kittens are born and cleaned. A mother may move the kittens to a new area when they are about one to two weeks old. If you do not want this to happen, you may have to pick a place that confines her during labor and nursing.

Proper exercise is needed for the pregnant cat and monitoring of all activities with other pets must be done to prevent miscarriages. The first sign your cat is pregnant is about three weeks after conception, the nibbles appear pink and will be tender. Now is the time to feed a healthy diet that will nutritious the unborn kittens as they grow to term. If the mother cat is healthy, the kittens should be born healthy.

A pregnant cat health plan does not include rabies shots or distemper shots during pregnancy. This can harm the unborn kittens. The only things a vet will do are check for heartbeats and recommend the proper food and maybe some vitamins. A Blood test is done to check the mother's health. By nine weeks, you need to monitor the mother closely as she will deliver anytime.

The pregnant cat will require some help from you, the owner, if complications happen during the birthing process. Try to read up on some simple birthing mishaps that might require your help and learn the proper way to do them in case the need arises. A veterinarian's telephone number should be in place in case something serious happens either to the mother or to the kittens.

Once the mother delivers, she will clean her new kittens and start to nurse them. Keep her litter box clean and supply her with plenty of water and plenty of food during the next six weeks. Pregnant cat health does not require a lot of work as the mother usually does everything. You want to make sure the birthing area is cleaned up after the mother has done the necessary cleaning.

The pregnant cat health does not stop after birth; you must keep the mother in perfect health to care for her kittens. These means checking the nipples from time to time to see if they look healthy and have no problems or sores. The cat must be kept away from other male cats and left to nurture your kittens. Once the kittens start moving around, the mother will be busy trying to control them and eventually, she will get sick of them bothering her. She needs to wean the kittens by about five weeks. This is when you need to supply the kittens with kitten food. The mother will reach them to use the litter box, but in some cases, the mother does not and you will have to train them yourself.

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