Monday, December 2, 2013

Learn How To Treat Lower-Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are now on your way to have one of the greatest blessings the world may well over, giving birth to your child. One of the challenges you may face is lower-back pain in early pregnancy. The bump in your tummy may cause you to have a very bumpy ride.

Statistics show that about 50 % of pregnant women experience pain in lower parts of their back during their first trimester. Some experience it all throughout their pregnancy while some don't experience it at all. To learn how to treat this pain in early pregnancy, you must first know what causes it.

One of the major causes for back pain in early pregnancy is the growing of your uterus. You may not notice it, but the center of your body gravity changes. It shifts forward because you become heavier in front. Another reason for these pains is the hormonal changes that are happening within your body. Some hormones, such as Relaxin, cause your pelvic bones to soften and prepare you for the natural labor. In return these changes make your backache.

Of course, now that you are pregnant, you are no longer allowed to ingest pain relievers as it can potentially harm the normal development of the fetus. Here are few suggestions on how to treat lower-back pain in early pregnancy in a natural way.

1. You can combat the gravity issue by practicing your posture. The pain will worsen as your baby becomes bigger. You may start practicing good posture now to reduce further pain from lower parts of your back in the coming stages of your pregnancy.

2. Modify your wardrobe. Keep your pumps and skinny jeans away for now. Choose anything comfortable to wear especially for your feet. Don't worry you won't be jeopardizing your style because there are a lot of maternity clothes that are still fashionable and at the same time convenient.

3. When you need to lift something, make sure that you bend your knees instead of bending your upper body towards the floor. Most of all don't lift heavy things as this could lead to a miscarriage. You should learn when to ask for help. Even if you are excited to be a mom and care for everyone, this is the time that you should be well taken care off.

4. Don't sleep faced up. Sleeping on your side as well as bending your knees together will help relief the pain. There are special pillows made for pregnant women whom they can place in between their knees while sleeping in this position.

5. Be active. Being pregnant should not stop you from working out. Take long walks even when you are at work, just don't run. Stretch your body from time to time. Make sure though, that you do exercises that are allowed for the pregnant women. There are many DVDs you can watch or classes you can attend, to help you out.

There are many treatments for lower-back pain in early pregnancy. However, you must know a way to draw the line between treating yourself and seeking for help from a professional. Consult a doctor when needed.

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