Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 5 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy - Confirm Your Pregnancy Even Before Missed Periods

Are there any signs or symptoms of pregnancy that can help to detect pregnancy even before missing the periods? Yes there are. If you are also in search of some early pregnancy signs that can help you to detect conception before lab test or before missing the periods then following reading would be of great help to you.

There are few pregnancy symptoms that start to show in early days. Few women only show one or two signs of pregnancy whereas others show all 5 signs.

The fertilized egg takes around 7 - 10 days for implanting itself in the wall of uterus. After this time span there are top 5 signs of pregnancy that helps in informing the woman that finally she is pregnant.

Without delaying any further let us proceed!

Frequent Urination: This is a classic pregnancy sign. Sometimes frequent urination is the result of some other illness like diabetes or the reaction of some medication. However it is always good to keep in mind pregnancy as the probable cause.

Spotting: Spotting is of great concern if it occurs in late pregnancy and it is important to report this to doctor at the earliest. However light spotting around the days of menstrual periods signals pregnancy. Light spotting in initial days is a true sign of pregnancy. The color of pregnancy spotting varies from reddish brown to light pink.

Missed Menstrual Periods: It is the most famous sign of pregnancy. It is the clearest indicator of pregnancy; however sometimes a woman can miss her period because of some reason other than pregnancy. So it is good to think missed period only as an indicator and not the final diagnosis of pregnancy.

Intense Cramping: Another famous and next obvious sign of pregnancy is intense cramping. Again here there could be causes of intense cramping other than pregnancy. In fact intense cramping and nausea are the most misleading signs of pregnancy as well. There is not any rule of thumb that can tell that a woman is pregnant. The only rule that holds true is that more signs of pregnancy signal brighter chances of being pregnant.

Lack of energy: This pregnancy symptom is knitted with pregnancy. Exhaustion feelings are different from routine feelings of being tired. The key to identify pregnancy related tiredness is that in this case the lack of energy is dramatic as well as noticeable.

So if you are experiencing more than one above mentioned signs of pregnancy then it is a good time to go for a pregnancy test

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