Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You Can Get Pregnant! - Following These 4 Easy Steps Can Help You Get Pregnant

Yes, you can get pregnant. Even if you have experienced the heartbreak of having difficulty getting pregnant you can still have hope. Every woman wants to experience the joys of motherhood but unfortunately for some woman conceiving a child does not come as easy as it does for others. But take heart, you can conceive the baby you have always wanted.

Even if you have experienced miscarriages, are in your 30's or 40's, or if you think you have tried everything; try these four easy tips to increase your chances of conceiving your own baby.

Pregnancy Tip #1-Know When You are Ovulating

So every woman who is trying to get pregnant knows this one but it definitely bears repeating, know your cycles! Make sure you know exactly when you are ovulating and make sure you are sexually active at this time. This is the single most important step in getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Tip #2-Use the Right Positions

Ok, so you are ovulating and it is time to get intimate with your partner. Make sure you are using the correct sexual position to increase the chances of conception. The missionary position is the best to help you reach your goal. It allows for the greatest penetration and allows gravity to move the sperm to its ultimate destination.

Pregnancy Tip #3-Be a Health Nut

Following a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy increases your chance of conceiving. If you smoke, quit now! Avoid drinking alcohol and eat a healthy diet. Not only will it help you to get pregnant it will also to help your baby be healthy when you do get pregnant.

Pregnancy tip #4-Try Natural Methods to Conceive

Many women feel they have to turn to fertility medications if all else fails. This can be scary to a lot of women who do not want to run the risk of having multiple children. The truth is there are many natural methods that can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant without the risks of medications. You can get pregnant using natural methods without running the risk of becoming the next "Octomom."

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