Sunday, February 2, 2014

Having Trouble Sleeping Because of Pregnancy? A Body Pillow Can Help, Seriously

Pregnant women often have trouble sleeping in the later stages of pregnancy because of the physical realities of pregnancy. You might get leg cramps or Restless Leg Syndrome or you might have trouble sleeping on your back or moving from side to side.

One way that you can deal with sleeplessness caused by physical problems related to pregnancy is to use a body pillow.

Body pillows are great for pregnant women because they support your body and give you the extra firmness that you need to be more comfortable. Plus, since body pillows are nice and long, you can wrap your arms and legs around the body pillow or use it between your knees to help stop leg cramps.

Body pillows also provide extra back support which is critically important when you are pregnant. The bigger the baby and you get the harder your back needs to work to compensate. Back pain in both the lower and upper back is one of the most common complaints among pregnant women.

As a mother of two, I can absolutely vouch for this fact.

Getting enough sleep can be a big problem during pregnancy because you need a lot more sleep so that your body can deal with the changes that pregnancy causes. Women that do not get enough sleep during pregnancy might have unnecessary complications during the birth. Not getting enough rest during pregnancy can also cause problems later on for both the mother and baby.

Body pillows come in hundreds of styles and sizes. Some are made specifically for pregnant women and have more support than traditional body pillows. Body pillows that are made specifically for pregnancy can also be used after pregnancy to help you position yourself and the baby properly for bottle or breast feeding.

Doctors often recommend body pillows that are made for pregnant women because they are so flexible and can be used in so many ways. Every woman will experience different types of discomfort during pregnancy but a high quality body pillow can help soothe almost any type of ache, strain, or discomfort so that you can sleep more soundly.

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