Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Known Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite refers to the appearance of bumps and dimples on the skin. Most women call this kind of skin texture as "cottage cheese." It is commonly seen on thighs and buttocks and most skin care experts believe that it is caused by poor skin elasticity. Fat cells often become too hefty for fiber compartments that hold the skin, causing them to bulge and develop uneven fat layers underneath.

Do not be so bothered if you have cellulite as almost 90 percent of women have the same kind of skin texture. While there are different products that you can use to help yourself get rid of cellulite, it is still wise to know what are causing the skin to become lumpy. Knowing the causes of cellulite will help you not just how you will address it but also prevent having it.

In contrast to popular belief, all individuals can have cellulite, both thin and overweight. In fact, a lot of slim people have this kind of skin appearance. Cellulite is all about skin elasticity and fat cells. Genes can greatly help you know if you will have cellulite. Even girls who are as young as age 14 can exhibit signs of lumpy or dimpled skin. If you wish to determine how much cellulite your skin can have, you can look at your parents, especially your mother.

Since cellulite is primarily a problem of women, a lot of doctors believe that it can be caused by the degree of estrogen in female. Several postnatal women or those who are taking birth control products develop cellulite because the waste system of the body cannot get rid of the heavy estrogen flow in the body. Another cause of cellulite is about how you live your life. Having poor diet can cause you to have bad fluid retention and circulation.

Cellulite can also develop following a traumatic injury once the circulatory system of the body has been agitated. Another cause is aging. As a person ages, cellulite is being promoted by the body as the layer of the skin becomes thinner. Normally, the contents of deep skin layer are restructured over time.

Overall, the causes of cellulite involve metabolism physiology changes, hormonal factors, dieting, heredity, connective tissue structure alteration and slight inflammatory alterations. If you wish to get rid of cellulite, consult your doctor for effective anti-cellulite creams and treatment options you may consider undertaking.

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