Thursday, February 6, 2014

When Maternity Support Is Needed, Here's Help

The baby is on the way. Excitement reigns in the household. However, mother is feeling aches and pains that cause her distress. Her back is aching, her balance is off, and it is nearly impossible to find relief. Fortunately, there is help available.

The Problem

Pregnancy causes a number of changes in your body. As the baby grows, your center of gravity shifts. As this happens, your posture is affected and you start feeling back pain and abdominal pain. Your skin is being stretched to make room for your growing child and this, too, causes pain. In addition, your body is producing a hormone called relaxin that is softening up the ligaments and joints, getting them ready for the birth of your baby. The support you once had just is not there and it is painful. Your body is also producing more fluids and blood as it takes care of you and the baby. This causes swelling (called edema) which is another annoyance.

What You Can Do

Back pain does not have to be overwhelming. Regular exercise helps to strengthen the muscles in your back and give you more flexibility. Swimming, walking, and stationary cycling are all safe exercise methods, even in the later stages of pregnancy.

Be aware of your posture when you are working, sitting, or sleeping. While you are sitting at a desk, place a rolled up towel at the small of your back to provide extra support. When sitting for a long time, placing your feet on a stack of books and sitting up straight with your shoulders back will also help. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees will relieve some of the stress on your back.

When You Need More

Following the suggestions above will help but sometimes you need to do more. One way to help alleviate pain and provide support for your growing belly is to wear a maternity support garment. A good support garment will help relieve:

繚 Abdominal muscle pain

繚 Leg pain

繚 Sciatica

繚 Pelvis pain or weakness

繚 Hip separation pain

繚 Lower back pain

繚 Provide postpartum back, stomach, and pelvis support

A maternity support body suit that supports your whole upper body is now available. Be careful when you are looking at body suits. This is not the body suit that cosmetically covers your belly. Worn as an undergarment, the maternity support body suit provides not just support for your abdomen but also helps to correct your posture and provide correct body alignment. You may find that you feel less fatigue and stress while wearing the body suit. You also may find that you are breathing better as your lungs now have more room to expand. A maternity support body suit will give you better overall support and help your muscles to actually grow stronger.

As you wear the maternity support bodysuit, you will find that your back feels better and your abdomen does not feel so heavy. Your posture will improve and you will feel better overall. This is a time to feel joy and expectation, not pain and stress. Do what you can to help yourself feel better.

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