Friday, February 7, 2014

Panic Free Pregnancy - 7 of the Most Frequently Asked About Methods For Calming Pregnancy Panic!

So now you know you are pregnant and you have done all it takes to ensure that all is as it should be with you and your unborn child. Yet, now and again, you are assaulted with feelings that are so real and tangible which indicate that all is not as well as you might think. Feelings that make you think thoughts like; "How certain are you, for example that your baby is okay?", "What is the guarantee you have that you will make a good mother for that child?", "How will you provide for it until he needs to leave your house when fully grown?", "Will you be required to raise him or her alone", "What if you cannot lose all that post baby fat?" etcetera, etcetera.

While all of the above may be legitimate questions, you must realize that becoming anxious over them are unnecessary and uncalled for. This is due to the fact that you are simply experiencing bouts of anxiety and panic attacks which can be a normal condition for pregnant women. Nevertheless, being common does not mean that you should accept it as the norm and begin to endure it - no, in fact there are many techniques out there that can help you put those anxious feelings under. This article will not list out all of those techniques but will answer the most frequently asked question concerning the 7 most common of these techniques in the hopes that you will be able to decide on which best suits your kind of person or the type of panic that you experience. Okay let's roll...

1. Is Swimming An Effective Way To Calm A Panic Attack?

Yes it is. It helps to ease pressure on your joints and calm frayed nerves. It also gives your mind something to concentrate and focus on. Additionally, swimming helps to position your baby for the birth process (delivery).

2. Can You Give Me A List Of Herbal Supplements?

These include, but are not limited to, the following; valerian, kava kava, winter cherry, St. John's wort, bugleweed, ashwangandha, and so on.

These herbs can be used to combat panic attacks and achieve a panic-free pregnancy term. They are also very fantastic catalyst for mood stabilization and achieving a calm sleep. It is able to do this by helping the neurotransmitters in your brain maintain healthy balance.

3. I Don't Know How To Execute The Proper Deep Breathing Technique, Can You Describe How?

Deep breathing helps you relax and will be helpful when it is time for labor too. They are very effective for preventing panic and can improve you physical and mental condition. Two basic types are note worthy; Abdominal and Slow;

Abdominal - To do this one, place one hand on your belly; Take in air through your nostrils slowly and deeply so that it gets to the bottom of your lungs. While doing this, your shoulders and chest should be as stationary as possible while your belly should expand with air; After about 5 to 8 seconds, you should exhale slowly. As you exhale, feel and allow your body relax. Repeat this technique about ten times to ensure a smooth and regular breathing. Once you have done this for 5 minutes you will begin to notice much less anxiety. Practice this routine daily.

Slow - Slowly inhale air through your nostrils while counting to 5; Hold in that breath for about 5 seconds; Then exhale slowly through your mouth while counting down from 5 - 1. While doing this you might want to repeat the word "relax...relax..." silently. Continue this technique for about 5 minutes and practice it daily.

4. I've Heard About Prenatal Yoga, What Is It Exactly?

It is simply a variation of yoga which is suitable for pregnant women. Yoga is a relaxation technique that calms the body and clears the mind of anxiety.

5. Going For A Walk - Is It Advisable Or Not?

It is advisable. But care should be taking to choose serene locations and terrain that is not harsh or too coarse. You should be thinking about locations like the park, the beach and so on. Try not to overdo it as the aim here is to relieve the stress that causes panic and not to help bring it on.

6. Is It Important To Eat Healthy Foods To Ward Off Panic Attacks?

Yes it is. In fact eating a healthy meal with high nutritional value is recommended if you want to have a panic-free pregnancy term. You want to ensure that you eat foods like; cereals, eggs, fruits, veggies, milk and so on. You should also abstain from ingesting or inhaling substances that consist of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and other negative substances that are addictive and dangerous to you and your unborn baby.

7. Should I Medicate My Attacks?

This is a toughie. The answer is not so simple...I will not recommend that you take medication for your panic due to a lot of reasons but your doctor may disagree. So let me expatiate further; even though antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication can help calm you down, the truth is that they are addictive, habit-forming, and pack quite nasty withdrawal symptoms. You will also constantly need to up your medication so as to maintain their efficacy. Finally and more importantly what panic attack medication actually does is to quell your symptoms not eradicate the original trigger or root cause of that panic. If you still opt for medication, ensure that it is with the full consent of your doctor.

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