Monday, February 3, 2014

Pregnancy Tips For Women - The Best Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Right Now!

Avoid smoking- cigarette smoking is very injurious to your health as well as to the health of the baby. It can lead to lung cancer and can cause premature birth of your baby.

Avoid drinking- alcohol can seriously harm to your unborn baby. So, it is always advisable not to consume alcohol during the nine months.

Reduce or avoid caffeine- too much amount of caffeine can lead to low weight of the child at the time of birth and miscarriage.

Specific foods such as under cooked eggs, peanuts and some particular kind of cheese are dangerous to take.
Do not take any drugs without the doctor's consent as it can harm you and your baby.
X-ray- x-ray radiations are very harmful for the unborn baby. So, do take extra precautions while getting your x-ray done at the time of pregnancy.

Eat healthy and properly- regular intake of food should be there and at the proper time. Even if the time of eating has come and you are not hungry then also eat food because your child needs it. Eating should be healthy and one should minimize or avoid eating junk food as that can harm your unborn baby.

Wash all vegetables and fruits properly as they can contain some pesticides or insecticides.

Dairy products contain a parasite called as Toxoplasmosis. This is present in unpasteurized cheese and milk and in the meat which is not cooked properly. So, consult doctor before consuming them or avoid taking them. If you are eating meat then it should be properly cooked.

Avoid cocaine, crack or heroin- taking any of these drugs can cause addiction of these drugs in baby as well and can have various other hazardous effects.

Aspirin should be avoided as that can lead to miscarriage and neonatal heart defects. Paracetamol should be taken in moderate amount and not without the consent of doctor.

If you need to travel somewhere then do consult your doctor before going out.

Avoid all those treatments that are unfamiliar to you or if it a dire need to take any treatment then do consult your gynecologist.

Drink water in large quantity as it will keep you hydrated.

Don't eat food stuffs that are containing large amount of sugar and salt.

Go for walk and yoga classes.

Think positive and feel good about the fact that you are pregnant. This will help child emotionally.

Don't take any kind of stress and just be happy.

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