Monday, February 3, 2014

How To Get Pregnant: Natural And Holistic Ways To Achieve Conception

In their haste to have a child, couples will needlessly rush to a doctor and straightaway take medications and treatments that supposedly help them achieve parenthood fast. This is stressful and expensive. It is always a better option to consider holistic remedies and natural ways to create conditions conducive to achieve conception.

Holistic ways focus on bringing about stability and balance in the body-mind-environment relationship. The body and mind should be in tune with each other and with the environment for a woman to be able to conceive. It is nature's way to prevent conception when the outside environment is not conducive and when the mother to be is under stress or suffers from anxiety. Address this issue first. Learn to relax, remove stress and stress creating conditions. Involve yourself in yoga, meditation, spending time in places that create harmony of body and mind and listening to soothing and calming music. Such a state of environment and mind instructs the brain to release the appropriate hormones that promote fertilization of the egg.

Heal the body through foods and herbs

For a woman to conceive, her body should be in a near perfect state of health, neither too fat nor too thin, all organs functioning to their best. A detox prior to planning for pregnancy will work wonders. It will reawaken appetite and revitalize the endocrine system. Cut out sugars, white flour, too much of oily and fried foods, caffeinated drinks, nicotine and sugar. Herbal infusions will further help in bringing about improvement of systemic functions. Plan a diet comprising fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, nuts and lean meat like poultry and fish; foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin B, folic acid and iron help. Take small portions but eat at regular intervals through the day to maintain blood sugar.

Exercise regularly as this improves blood circulation and increases oxygen absorption.

If you have a high stress job, leave it for one that gives you more time and less stress. That goes for the man and the woman.

Some couples have reported that spiritual activities have helped them in their quest to become parents. You could both try this out. There is no harm, no side effects.

People tend to give less importance to water. Do not ignore it. Take more than 8 glasses of water a day to maintain the right balance of pH in your body and cell activity.

Now that you have taken care of these aspects you would gain by knowing about when you are likely to ovulate and having sexual intercourse in the days leading to ovulation. Sexual positions that permit deeper penetration will aid in achieving conception. A benefit is the fetus will be more healthy and post-natal complications are few in such holistic situations.

It is always to first try out natural and holistic ways and become pregnant the easy way.

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