Friday, May 24, 2013

A Guide For Pregnancy Induced Dry Hair

Bad hair days are frustrating at the best of times but the unpredictability of your hair during pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride. For many women they experience the best hair of their lives while others seem to go through torture. One of the biggest problems for many pregnant moms to be is dry or brittle hair do not fret there are tips and tricks to help.

Before we discuss hair care tips you need to rule out diet deficiencies. It is important to realize that your hair is really an extension of your skin, therefore the roots which are alive and well need the proper nourishment in order to stay healthy and strong. A deficiency in iron, iodine or certain proteins can cause hair to become dry or brittle and in extreme cases may lead to hair loss. Your doctor should be able to determine if you fall into this category.

If nutrient concerns have been ruled out and you are just one of the women that are doomed to dry hair during your pregnancy there are steps you can take to combat your brittle locks that will not harm your body. There is not complete consensus about what and how much chemical can penetrate your scalp and enter your blood stream. Therefore many find it quite acceptable to use the same products that you would normally use to treat and condition your hair.

If you prefer to use natural products there are many effective options that are safe for you and your baby.

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax which is harvested from seeds found in the fruit of the perennial woody shrub. An interesting characteristic of jojoba oil is its similar chemical make up to sebum. Sebum is the oil or wax that the skin produces to provide protection and lubrication. This similarity makes jojoba very effective in the treatment of many skin conditions as well as successful hair applications.

Natural jojoba is a tonic, emollient and moisturizer and can be found in many products. Jojoba and jojoba products can act as a moisturizer for your hair and scalp as well as provide protection by adding a protective layer to your hair shaft. Jojoba will seal in the moisture and add a healthy glow to your hair.

Coconut milk is another safe ingredient that can be used on your hair while you are pregnant. You can either purchase hair care products that contain the coconut milk in them or you can just use the real coconut milk right at home. The milk of the coconut will moisturize your hair and leave it looking shiny and smooth.

Some additional tips for general maintenance include, do not over brush your hair as this will add to the breakage if your hair is brittle. Try to shampoo less often, go a couple days if possible between washings. When you are able let your hair dry naturally. Use curling iron, flat iron and excess products only when necessary. Use warm water to shower and bath not hot. Above all remember to focus on proper diet and exercise.

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