Saturday, May 25, 2013

Already Pregnant and No Health Insurance? - 7 Things You Can Try

If you are already pregnant, but have no health insurance you are in a tough spot. Health insurance companies consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition, and you may find it very hard to find the coverage you need. There are seven things you can try that may help you get coverage, or lower your costs.

Pregnancy a Pre-existing Condition

Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. Most insurance carriers will not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. You may find it very difficult to get the medical care you and your baby will need. Follow these seven tips to either get coverage and/or lower your costs.

Seven Tips to Get Coverage and Cut Costs

1 -Know your insurance rules. Many states have laws that require insurers to cover your pregnancy if you can show no gaps in coverage of three months or more. Provide your new insurer with a "certificate of credible coverage" demonstrating you had coverage in the past. These laws are designed to protect you from interruptions due to job loss, etc.

2 - Medicaid is a state and federal program that pays for some health services for certain low-income pregnant women, and children. Contact your state department of insurance for more details.

3 - Charity care is available through many hospital systems for people who meet income guidelines. Contact your local hospital system to apply for coverage.

4 - State short term disability will replace a portion of your income during your maternity leave, and if complications cause you to miss additional time from work. Only five states have this coverage in force.

5 - Discount medical plans are not insurance, but you may be able to reduce your medical costs by using one of these plans.

6 - Alternative medical treatments such as birthing centers or midwives may be less expensive than a hospital stay.

7 - Flexible spending accounts can be used for your un-reimbursed medical expenses and lower the amount you pay in taxes.

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