Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maternity Insurance - 11 Benefits Covered By Maternity Insurance

A survey revealed that around 13% of pregnant women went without medical care during those difficult months as they could not afford maternity insurance. Also, pregnancy did not form a part of many health insurance policies. Sometimes, care was available only during the second trimester or third trimester. Affordable Health Care Options therefore offers hope in the form of the "Maternity Card". This card allows slashing of costs during the prenatal and postnatal periods by up to 60%.

The name precisely means that - Affordable Health Care Options! Where Maternity Card scores over other basic health insurance programs is reduction in the amount of documents to be filled in, unlike its competitors who present the patient with a mountain of paperwork and legal jargon that is terribly confusing! And as mentioned earlier, this insurance is affordable. In truth, maternity insurance is not considered so important by plenty of health insurance programs.

Where those companies that do offer maternity insurance coverage are concerned, they provide group insurance plans. The catch is that in many of the plans, the clauses are so framed that they can take effect only three months later; sometimes, even one year later.

A plan called Medi-cal maternity insurance is meant for residents of California only. The woman should be between six to seven months pregnant, as well as prove that California has been her home for the past six months. The company takes care of prenatal expenses, as well as covers the postpartum period for 60 days. The remaining costs are covered by the woman herself (gross family income contributes 2%).

Low-income groups can turn to Medicaid for help, where a few maternity insurance benefits are available sometimes.

So I again reiterate that Maternity Card is the best option available. Pregnant women with no insurance can go for it. Even women with health insurance that does not include maternity insurance, can opt for Maternity Card. More details can be found from internet. All one has to do is fill out the information page on the site and click on submit. One will have access to lots of information about where to find good insurance.

The full maternity package provided by Maternity Card includes these services:

1. Visits to the doctor.

2. Prenatal vitamins.

3. 24-hour counseling.

4. Sonograms.

5. Laboratory work.

6. Stay in the hospital.

7. Anesthesiologist.

8. 24-Hour Nurse Hotline.

9. Checkups and tests concerning the newborn.

10. Immunizations for mother and child.

11. Prescription drugs.

Thus, the Maternity Card is so customer-friendly that the mother-to-be can stop having nightmares about the lack of maternity insurance or how she is going to manage monetarily when the baby finally arrives. There is somebody to take care of everything!

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